Create a Mind, Body and Voice Connection.

When you build an awareness of what's happening on the inside, you can bring your energy and passion to the outside and capture the attention of your Audience.

Establish Trust and Influence from a place of Authentic Leadership.

When you develop the Skills to powerfully deliver your Message, Your Voice and Presence reflects your Self-Confidence and inspires your Stakeholders, Team and Clients to take action.

This is for you if... 


  • You are someone who uses their Voice as part of their profession like a coach, speaker, performer, singer, a movement leader, advocate, attorney or mediator

  • You are driven by your purpose but still struggling with enrolling others or leading your team to the finish line

  • You are confident in your message but you feel challenged in holding the attention or inspiration of people 

  • You are ready to embrace your Voice, the way you Sound and Feel and be seen in Public

  • You are committed to having a Voice and Listening to create effective change for the greater good 

This is NOT for you if... 


  • You like hearing yourself speak but not interested in listening to others

  • You want to be an overnight success or have instant results without the discipline of practice and receiving guidance. 

  • You make excuses about why you can’t do your practices 

  • You actually don’t like people and want to hide out.

  • You are interested in singing or speaking as a hobby. 

Overcome the Fear &  

Harness the Energy as your Fuel


The 4 Keys for magnetic vocal delivery & expression gently rewires your body's natural defense mechanisms, easing your way to Vocal Freedom & Creativity. Even the most seasoned performers and speakers still get nervous, including myself! Its nothing to be ashamed or afraid of.  Its actually a sign you care and you are excited! Create a relationship with your Voice and learn to build the energy, dynamics and creativity to deliver with confidence anywhere, anytime with anyone.


Vocal Key 1

Learn the Body of Your Voice 

Your Voice as more than just your vocal chords and learn it’s also more than your personality and you express yourself. Your Voice actually begins and lives in your body.  We start by exploring the Body of the Voice with sound practices to experience the relationship between our Voice and our Body's natural scale.

Vocal Key 2 

Cultivate Vocal Health & Vitality

Learn how to avoid your voice becoming fatigued or losing your voice even if you get sick. You learn how to nourish your Voice and avoiding common mistakes that put too much strain. Once you learn your Voice and Body are connected, treatment your Voice with as much care as you would your body and health.

Vocal Key 3

 Energy and Emotions

of your Voice

Our Voice is activated and balanced by energy centers in our body. This has great influence and implications for your emotional intelligence. Our Body stores and harbors the energy of emotions. If these emotions are not communicated or expressed, it can have a huge impact on how we feel and relate to others. Many traditional lineages have integrated sound practices to activate and balance the Chakras and Elements creating more harmony.

Vocal Key 4

 Vocal Dynamics

Dynamics are a matter of Power, Strength and Flexibility increasing your Vocal Range & Capacity. With a foundation of fundamental practices to protect your Voice and we can start playing with the Tone, Color and Warmth in your Voice. When you become familiar with the body of the voice, your energy and emotions, we can play with dynamics to bring out your unique tone, color and magnetize your vocal personality.

Becoming a Voice that is Magnetic...


Takes practice! In 6 weeks you are introduced to 4 keys and several fundamental principles that create a foundation for a daily Vocal practice. If you apply each of these principles and commit to a daily path you will increase more energy and clarity by  increasing your breath & vocal capacity, more range, tone and dynamics by opening your Voice. Become the Voice for your message, your song and your audience!

This work is based on 15 years of expertise as an attorney, mediator, sound healer, producer and a lifetime as a performer. I have distilled all of my experience into this basic framework for anyone to embrace their Voice regardless of experience level. If your Voice is the cornerstone of your livelihood, build a foundation for your capacity as a presenter, performer, advocate and leader. Inspire and Captivate the Attention of your Listener. 


  • 6 Weekly Live Virtual Training Sessions

  • 6 Weekly Live Virtual  Practice Sessions
  • 1 Immersion Day in Los Angeles, CA
  • 6 mini-practice audio guides

  • 3 full practice audio guides 

  • 1 free essential oil gift from the Bhavana Essentials Kit

  • Access to all video trainings  

The cost of all of this would normally be


But All Together You Receive this for


Frequently Asked Questions



I'm not sure I like the sound of my Voice, Do I need to know how to sing? 


No prior experienced necessary! This course is not about singing as it is about exploring the range and qualities of your Voice. Singing is involved but we practice to explore rather than get a specific result. The only outcome you are training for is feeling good listening to your Voice.  If you work with your Voice as part of  your profession then these Vocal practices will improve your Listening and the quality of your Voice.



What if I already have a Vocal warm up practice, whats different about this course?


I have found that most vocal practices jump right to the practices that focus on dynamics and range. That will damage your Voice if you are not careful. Breathing and Listening first is really important. This tunes up your ear, warms your vocal chords and increases breath capacity. While you want to acheive results you also want to make sure your don't blow your Voice out. Learn to Warm up your Voice in a sustainable way.


Many People Are Saying...


Priya's vocal workshop was such a rich delight! I received so much more from than I had initially anticipated.I learned how to empower my voice. I felt as if my tool box had just got an upgrade. Now I have access to my voice as at any time to use as a tool for self healing and the healing of others.-- Heather


Priya gracefully guided us through a variety of exercises that I now use daily.  

I definitely recommend working with her if you are curious about using your voice for self healing, as part of your meditation practice, or to confidently express through singing or vocal sounds. -- Ashley


Many People Are Saying...

With Priya's guidance, I've developed a new relationship with my voice that is loving, kind, and empowering. This has allowed me to explore my gifts creatively and to share my voice. I am stepping into leadership and it feels so good to be doing what I love.  I'm grateful to have these practical and powerful tools to deepen my connection with my voice, and in turn, deepen my connection with others and the world!" --Patille

Now is the time to transform how you feel when you walk into a room and onto a stage.

Deliver with self-confidence of what you say and

how you sound!


Its time to let go of the shyness, the hesitation, the checking out that happens when you are about to address your audience. Let your Voice come out with freedom in how you sound and how you feel. Speak with confidence, Sing with freedom and become the Voice that magnetizes and captures the attention of who is in front of you. You are your message!  Be the Voice of the Vision  you have for the World!

Captivate Any Audience



this is your invitation to

What's Included

Learn the 4 Keys to Vocal Brilliance to bring out the rich, warm, soothing & colorful tones and dynamics of your Voice to Life.

If you use your voice for a living as a Professional Speaker, Performer, Coach, Teacher, Courtroom Attorney, Mediator, Social Advocate or Movement Leader...

During this Course


Through 6 dynamic weeks of interactive group training,  you will learn the 4 keys to developing a powerful and influential voice with the inner confidence you need to be fully expressed in the moments that really matter. When you learn how to create a relationship with your Voice and Body,  you can turn fear into excitement and passion for the message you want to share.

Learn to Captivate
Any Audience by
Developing the Power

of Your Voice​

The Way You Express Yourself has a Strong Influence on Your Success

Your Audience Knows When You're

Not Feeling Confident 

by Learning the 4 Keys to feeling right at home on stage

The Key to Feeling Natural and Right at Home on Any Stage is Already Inside You.​


You just need to learn to harness it.

You Can Learn to Build Energy, Dynamics and Creativity  for Inspiring Magnetic Presence in Your Vocal Delivery.

You may have the perfect message or the most beautiful song to share, but you if you aren't feeling confident you risk losing your audience and the energy to deliver your top performance.


You might have prepared for hours but something about being seen or being heard can cripple you and let it get to your head.


Or what happens in the spontaneous moment you get called on the spot? Can you rise to the occasion and seize the moment?​


Speaking is an Integral Part of Every Day Life and How You Express Yourself  Makes a Huge Impact in How Your Message Lands

You know that feeling of getting call up on the spot, and having to speak in front of people spotaneously. If you are like most people...


  • You get nervous and anxious about saying the rate thing
  • You feel awkward and fumble your words, later thinking of the perfect thing that you could of said if only you had time to think about it
  • You feel hot and cold at the same because you’re just surviving the moment. You’re not sure what to say and trying to figure it out as you go.​

Captivate with Confidence
& Leave Your Audience Inspired