During this Course


Through dynamic interactive group training,  you will learn the 4 keys to developing a powerful and influential voice with the inner confidence you need to be fully expressed in the moments that really matter. When you learn how to create a relationship with your Voice and Body,  you can turn fear into excitement and passion for the message you want to share.

Captivate with Confidence
& Leave Your Audience Inspired

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As an attorney turned sound healer and coach, Priya's background as a human-rights focused immigration lawyer and mediator has trained her approach in helping others find their true Voice and Self-Expression. Through her music and profession she offers sonic pathways for emotional awareness, trauma-release and revitalizing compassion for greater human connection and creative inspiration. Priya works with professional speakers and performers to free their voice and harness the power of their performance to captivate any audience.​

I Help Empower the Voices of Movement Leaders, Change-makers and Entrepreneurs dedicated to social change for the greater good​

Priya D. Mohan