Love Your Voice

Workshop and Private 1:1 coaching series...



Love Your Voice

Summer Workshop Series

Level I- Workshop Series

 6 Workshops in LA 
July 13th to September 28th

7pm-8:30pm - Alternate Wednesdays 


Level II- Workshop plus

6 Workshops plus 3 Coaching Sessions

Duration: July -September 2016


Includes 3 Private 1:1

In-Person Vocal Coaching Sessions with Priya

Payment plan available. Inquire below. Offer expires July 13th

Level III- Workshop-Coaching Plus

 6 Workshops Plus 6 Coaching Sessions
Duration : July to September


Includes 6 Private, 1:1

In Person Vocal Coaching

Sessions with Priya

  Payment Plan Options Available, Inquire Below! Offer expires July 13th.

Level IV- Full Coaching Series

6 Workshops plus 12 Coaching Sessions

Duration: July -September 2016