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Sacred Voice Yoga

October 27 & 29 in Ojai


Cultivating The Essence of Your Authentic Expression

  • You Have Ever Experienced Challenges in Stepping Forward & Communicating Fully and Authentically

  • You are ready to deliver your message, build your audience and want to improve your public speaking skills

  • You are someone who has always wanted to sing, but has not felt confident in how your voice sounds 


  • You crave time to nourish your spirit, creativity and find sanctuary in music!


This Workshop is For You If...

an Introduction to Bhavana Sound Method

Upcoming Workshops

7pm Thursday September 22nd

Awaken Your Voice 

Equinox Vocal Sound Ceremony 

Healing in America

 107 W Aliso St,

Ojai, CA

"When Every Voice is Empowered, 
We Experience a Harmonious World"

Priya D. Mohan

Creator and Facilitator
of Bhavana Sound Method