Vocal Sound Healing for Creativity,  Empowered Communication, Expression and Well-Being

with Priya D. Mohan

Your Voice is a Gateway Between Your Body Mind and Heart


Your Body is a natural tuning fork and your Voice is the original instrument. Learn how to sing  to the natural scale of your body and inspire your creativity to guide your the song that lives within. You will learn ancient and timeless practices to activate the energy in your body. From the elements that we are made up of like Earth Water Fire Air Space, to the Feminine and Masculine, to the energies of our organs, lymph and nervous system. 

Bhavana Sound Method is a Mindfulness Practice to Unlock the Full Power of Your Voice and Authentic Expression.

Listen Deeply and Breathe to Connect to Your Power


The power of your Voice through conscious communication & self-expression begins with deep listening. Listening as a mindful practice is as simple as taking a moment to tune in with your Breath. As you connect with your Breath, you tune into your Body and inner awareness.  Conscious breathing is also a perfect remedy to the mental chatter. By listening to your body you access greater clarity and innate wisdom within you. 

Emotions are Energy bringing Color, Tone & Dynamics to Your Voice


Ever notice how certain music carries magic to move you into another realm?  Your emotions are the key to bringing life into Sound. Imagine the freedom in painting colors with your Voice. You have the ability to transmute any emotional state through mood that can serve your creativity and self-healing. When you listen and be with your emotions, your Voice can unlock a deeper resonance that lives within your Body. 

Bhavana Sound Method