I Help Empower the Voices of Movement Leaders, Change-Makers and Entrepreneurs dedicated to social change for the greater good

Priya D. Mohan

Welcome, If you are a professional who uses your Voice in your work then you have come to your sanctuary!


I work with professionals whose Voice is central to their Career.


From speakers, singers, performers to teachers, coaches, attorneys and mediators, welcome to your home page for vocal training and energy management.


Holistic Vocal Training is about building your Vocal capacity, staying fueled on Empathy and maintaining your Self-Care, so you can stay at the top of your game while being in service to others.


Imagine cultivating the power and skill to being and feeling magnetic while taking care of yourself and your Voice.


Are you ready to learn key tools to bring more warmth tone and dynamics to your Voice and expression?


What are key practices to alchemize your emotions so you can stay centered and focused?


My services are designed with the practical application of my years of experience and expertise as an attorney, mediator, facilitator, musician, sound healer, producer and performer.


I provide holistic training in a professional context so you can:


~ Develop Mind-Body-Voice connection and awareness.

~ Trust your intuition, build trust and relationships.

~ Learn and adapt key self-care tools into your high-performance lifestyle.

 ~ Bring more warmth tone and dynamics to your Voice and expression. 

~ Stay present and engaged so you can always stay in the center of your game.

~ Keep the attention of all the eyes and ears watching you.

~ Leave them Inspired and Lead them into Action


Your Voice is a Gateway to expressing your Passion and Purpose with the World....
I look forward to working with you!

Captivate with Confidence & Leave Your Audience Inspired​